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Meet Lila

As a letterpress company, we are always excited to meet people who share our same passion for paper and ink. Within this network of talented printers in the south, we recently gained a member to our press team here at Sideshow with a background in screen printing. In February, Lila Shull joined us after working at the Half & Half  just shy of two years. Before that, she studied print making at Winthrop University, and spent a semester abroad in Finland printing at Samaii University.

The thing that drew Lila to printing is the necessary attention to finite details, and the artful process involved in producing a print. Here at Sideshow Press, Lila spends her time here running our Vandercook No. 4 and using her impeccable detail orientation to assemble products, or adding finishing touches to custom print jobs.

Since moving to Charleston, her recommended spots around town are Leon’s, the Early Bird Cafe, D’Allessandro’s, and Dell’z Deli. Her cat, Falcor, helps out at her home studio.