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Tiny Feast

Tiny Feast is a phrase we coined in conversation years ago, and it has stuck with us ever since. It’s a metaphor that we use to describe a variety of things that feel celebratory, lavish, almost extravagant – yet are intrinsically simple and useful, and therefore justifiably attainable on a personal, everyday level.”

With a passion for printing and thoughtful design, husband and wife team Danika and Drex opened a shop in their hometown of Winnipeg, Canada using their coined namesake of “Tiny Feast.” They sell handcrafted  letterpress cards, modern workplace supplies, and scandinavian-designed housewares in their brick-and-mortar store located in the city’s historic exchange district on what’s known as Newspaper Row. This street housed Winnipeg’s major newspapers from 1882-1920.

We’re lucky to call Tiny Feast one of our retailers, and if Winnipeg isn’t on your list of future travel destinations, it should be! When you go, make sure you stop in and say “hi” to Danika and Drex.